Our Story

Our Story...

Over 15 years of experience brings a new flavor of delivered meals  to the Dallas / Fort Worth area

My name is Scott Jones. I have been in the restaurant business for over 15 years and have created some really great restaurants in the DFW are including, Screen Door, Café Italia, Cowtown Diner and Jack’s Modern Southern Kitchen, to name a few!

I was asked by a food writer several years back. to describe my food. The answer that came out was, “My food is like getting a Food Hug”. Looking back on the question and the answer, It really summed up and defined my culinary career.

What's a Food Hug??

What is a Food Hug?  A Food Hug is the sensation you get when you eat something so scrumptious, soothing, comforting or satisfying you can’t help but feel happy, loved and content! When you let out that audible  “mmmmmm”

A Food Hug can come in many forms. A Get Well Food Hug, A Romantic Food Hug or just a plain old Comfort Food Hug for those times in life when only a big plate of Mac & Cheese, Southern Meatloaf or a Roasted Chicken Pot Pie will make everything seem a little better!

I experienced Food Hugs all of my life, growing up with one of the best cooks in the world, My Mother! I experienced food hugs on a daily basis, enjoying the food she made with all of the love and care of someone who grew up surrounded by generations of amazing southern women who knew the importance of passing along the recipes, tradition, and love of food that they grew up with.

What We Offer You

Tried and true homemade recipes passed on from generations of efficacious chefs and cooks

I want to share the generations of tried and true recipes passed on to me with you and your family. I have tweaked and updated most of the recipes to meet the nutritional needs and lifestyles of today’s busy families, couples and active singles.

All of my meals are:

  • Nutritional
  • Homemade
  • Delivered Fresh
  • Come from the heart

If you desire the simple pleasure of a quality, healthful, lovingly prepared meal using the freshest locally sourced product available! Let us give you a Food Hug!!