Hugs We Share

Giving Hugs Back

TYPES OF HUGS (Speical Hug)

Food Hugs Kitchen is committed to giving back to our community.

When I created this company, set up a business model where 20% of all of our profits will go back to different non-profit organizations in our community.  The following charities have been identifies as part of our Giving Back program.

  • North Texas Food Bank
  • In Town For Good
  • Salvation Army's Meals on Wheels

Fundraising Hugs

Once you discover the wonderful experience and satisfaction of Food Hugs Kitchen, you may want to share the joy with your organization and use this as a creative way to raise funds.

A Food Hug Kitchen can set up a custom Fundraising Event for your organization (e.g. PTA, Church, etc.) in which 20% of all sales from the event will be paid to your organization.

Food Hugs Membership

Come join our community as we expand our family of huggers!

It's not just about the food, but sharing the joy and experience with your family and friends.  We offer a monthly membership program to our customers.  With no longterm commitment, you will enjoy 15% discount on ALL order.

We're confident that once you have experienced our food, you will want to share it with your community.

Coming Soon!