Food Hugs Kitchen has provided fare for special occasion dinners, open houses, and just some week night dinners.  Everything is delicious, beautiful, and a creative combination of flavors.  The brisket he uses in his casseroles always has amazing flavor, and my grown kids request his mac & cheese over mine any day.

Terry G.,

After a busy day, the last thing I want to do is to go out to a restaurant.  I want to have a wonderful meal at home with my family.  Food Hugs Kitchen is a unique find in Dallas. The food is delicious and warms this southern boy's heart from Virginia.

Tim C.,

Food Hugs Kitchen is my family's goto for weekly meals that are healthy, easy, affordable, and most importantly delicious.  One of our favorites is the meatloaf, cauliflower mash, and roasted brussel sprouts meal.  The convenience of this service is everything when you live a busy and demanding life.  My family like "feel good" southern style cooking but we are healthy eaters.  Food Hugs Kitchen is perfect for us!

Scot P.,

When I learned that my parents, who live in Dallas, were both very sick in bed with a flu bug I reached out to Scott at Food Hugs Kitchen. Because I live nearly 700 miles away in Tennessee, I felt very vulnerable not being able to immediately help my parents so I had them send a Get Well Food Hug package of comforting and nutritious soups and snacks. Within a few hours my parents were glowing with reports after having had a soothing and delicious dinner that was plentiful enough to stretch over the length of their illness. Priceless! Thanks Scott, you’re truly the best!!

Claudia C.,