Welcome to Food Hugs Kitchen!

Food gives me strength, Hugs give me motivation - Together, I'm unstoppable!

From my southern roots, I began an appreciation for good food.  I grew up in the south where comfort food and warm hugs were plentiful.  Over time as I grew as a chef, I wanted to integrate my southern roots into my food offerings but also do it in a unique way with a focus on healthy eating.

Why did I start Food Hugs Kitchen?

For me the answer was simple, do what you love and everything follows.  For years, I had it in the back of my mind to reach out to more people and start an on-line food delivery services.  The key was creating GREAT FOOD!  I'm worked on perfecting my recipes as well as offering a healthy alternative without compromising taste.

This website is a cumulation of years of development and perfecting to bring you the best products possible and in a simple way.  As we evolve and expand our territory of delivery service, let us know what gives you a "food hug".

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